Cheatsheet for HTB 5 (2)

Linux General ctrl + r Search History reverse Run Script at startup update-rc.d -f /path/to/the/script remove Delete Script from defaults Vim i for insert mode esc to leave insert mode To be continued with macros and all this handy shit Tmux Config from ippsec. First press the prefix ctrl + a, then release the buttons … Read more

Getting Started with CTFs 0 (0)

CTF starting

CTF Competitions DEFCON CTF picoCTF Ghost in the Shellcode ROOTCON Campus Tour CTF ROOTCON CTF CSAW CTF HSCTF UCSB iCTF Smash the Stack Embedded Security CTF DefCamp CTF HITCON CTF CTF Guides and Resources Trail of Bits CTF Guide – one of the best guides for newbies Practice CTF List / Permanent CTF List – … Read more

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Within a few Days in 2020 5 (2)

google adsence approval in 2020

Buy and use a custom domain name, e.g. !!!! Create a domain specific email address, example [email protected] !!!! Add legal pages like About, Contact, Privacy !!!! Ensure you use a clean easy design. !!!! Do not use other ads !!! Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts with unique content !!!! Ensure you don’t … Read more

New tips for SEO in 2020 | SEO trends in 2020 |Free SEO 5 (2)

New tips for SEO in 2020

There are many posts on internet for SEO tips but they keep on changing every year and then.So it is very necessary to be updated with them. Moreover the easiest way is to learn it your self and perform hit and trial methods . But we Know that every one now a days is running … Read more